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Search market share

Average share of Black Friday search traffic that viewed at least one of our deals round-up articles (calculated as an average across 25 highly competitive Black Friday keywords)

Click-through rate

Average CTR for deals links in articles across a sample of 500 articles published during November 2019.

Conversion rate

Average conversion rate for shoppers making a purchase after clicking one of our deals links during Black Friday 2019.

Laser focused deals

Our articles identify the best deals for the specific products, brands and services that consumers are searching for.

We generate industry leading click-through rates in our highly targeted articles

Apple AirPods


GoPro cameras


Dyson vacuums


Average deals link click-through rate for articles focused on deals for specific products over November 2019.

Nikon cameras 0

Hoverboards 0

AncestryDNA test kits 0

Average share of the first page of results for select Cyber Monday deals searches.

Dominating organic search results

During Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 our articles consistently ranked at the top of Google search for thousands of the most competitive keywords with buying intent.

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Driving millions of spending decisions every year

Last year during November 2019 our deals articles were viewed over 10 million times by US-based online shoppers looking to make sales purchases.

Deals articles about Apple gadgets were viewed over 350,000 times

Roomba robot vacuum cleaner deals articles attracted over 150,000 views