Generating $8 million for tax credit companies in 2023

By leveraging strategic partnerships and sophisticated search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, Nicely Network successfully generated $8 million in tax credit refunds for tax credit companies in 2023, including Omega Accounting Solutions, Bottomline Concepts, and Lendio. This case study explores the strategies employed by Nicely Network, the industry context, target audience, and the outcomes of their innovative approach.

Headline Results

  • $8 million in tax credit refunds generated for partner tax credit companies
  • 30+ high-traffic keywords ranking #1 in Google search related to tax credits
  • 10 articles published targeting high-intent keywords, providing information and advice to internet users searching for advice on how to claim ERC tax credits

Industry Context and Target Audience

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) was designed to provide financial relief to small and medium-sized businesses in the United States that retained employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the potential benefits, many eligible businesses were either unaware of the ERC or found the application process daunting. Nicely Network identified this gap as an opportunity to connect tax credit companies with their target audience: small to medium-sized business owners in the US eligible for ERC tax refunds.

Strategic Partnerships

Nicely Network’s first strategic move was to partner with leading tax credit companies: Omega Accounting Solutions, known for its comprehensive approach to maximizing refunds; Bottomline Concepts, recognized for its success with medium-sized businesses; and Lendio, a platform facilitating business financing. These partnerships were crucial, as they combined Nicely Network’s digital marketing prowess with the technical expertise of established tax credit firms, creating a formidable force in the ERC domain.

SEO Strategy

Understanding the power of organic search, Nicely Network embarked on an ambitious SEO campaign. The goal was to rank organically for high-intent keywords such as:

  • Best ERC services
  • Employee Retention Credit agencies
  • ERC companies

as well as high-traffic keywords such as:

  • ERC guide
  • ERC deadline
  • ERC eligibility

Nicely Network focused on creating high-quality, informative content centered around ERC services. This content was primarily hosted on their business advice site,, which served as the cornerstone of their content marketing strategy.

Screenshot of some of the tax credit content published on our website

The content aimed to educate businesses on the benefits of ERC and how to navigate the application process with the help of their partner brands. All content was written and optimized to drive traffic to partner brands’ contact form pages.

Screenshot of one of our tax credit articles published on reviewing the best ERC tax credit companies (August 2023)

Results and Impact

The strategic use of SEO and content marketing paid off significantly. Nicely Network’s content ranked organically at the top of Google search for targeted keywords, driving substantial traffic to their partner brands.

Screenshot of search results for “best ERC services”, showing our content in 3 of the top 5 organic search results positions including #1

This visibility translated into increased inquiries and, ultimately, successful ERC claims processed by the partnered tax credit companies. The combined efforts of Nicely Network and its partners generated $8 million in 2023, a testament to the power of strategic digital marketing in the financial services sector.

Performance Metrics of Example Article

The Best ERC Specialist Companies (June 2023) article became a prime example of Nicely Network’s effective content strategy.

Screenshot of our Best ERC Specialist Companies article on (June 2023)

It achieved impressive results:

  • 4,224 Views: The article garnered 4,224 views, indicating strong interest and a wide reach among the target audience.
  • 1,353 Link Clicks: With 1,353 link clicks through to tax credit partner websites, the article effectively directed a significant number of potential clients to the partners, facilitating lead generation and potential conversions.
  • 159 Online Postings: The content’s influence was further amplified by 159 online postings, including prominent placements on, Market Watch, and Bloomberg. These postings not only extended the article’s reach but also enhanced the credibility and visibility of Nicely Network’s content.
  • 32% Click-Through Rate (CTR): One of the most notable achievements of the “Best ERC Specialist Companies (June 2023)” article was its high click-through rate (CTR) of 32%. This CTR is well above industry averages, indicating that the content was not only reaching a large audience but also resonating with readers to the extent that they were compelled to engage with the content by clicking through to partner websites.

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Nicely Network’s success in generating $8 million for tax credit companies in 2023 through strategic SEO and content marketing strategies is just one example of our expertise in digital marketing.

Beyond the tax credit industry, Nicely Network has a proven track record of running custom campaigns for brands across a wide range of industries. Our ability to tailor our approach to the unique needs and goals of each partner has been a key factor in our success.

To date, Nicely Network has generated more than $100 million in sales revenue for our partner brands across dozens of industries. This achievement underscores our capacity to drive significant business growth, regardless of the industry. Our team of experts leverages a combination of strategic partnerships, SEO mastery, and high-quality content marketing to achieve remarkable results for our partners.

Whether you’re looking to increase visibility, drive sales, or enhance your digital marketing strategy, Nicely Network has the expertise and experience to help your brand succeed. Our commitment to innovation, strategic planning, and execution excellence makes us the ideal partner for brands aiming to achieve substantial growth and a competitive edge in their respective markets.

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