Nicely Network Expands & Delivers Improved Performance for Brands

Nicely Network, the digital marketing company that shares brand stories online with millions of shoppers, aims to deliver top affiliate sales performance for brands in the year ahead.

Nicely Network, the company behind the brand news stories viewed by more than 20 million online shoppers each year, today announced that their expanded affiliate business will help more online retailers deliver improved performance.

This expanded service, which aims to increase brand’s sales revenue by sharing their news with even more online shoppers, aligns with Nicely Network’s addressable strategy by embracing a shopper-first approach.

Founder of Nicely Network, Andy Mathews, explains:

“We’re expanding the scale of our reach for brands by publishing more content across a wider range of product categories. We’ve also optimized our SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, to improve the performance of our content in search engines and generate increased exposure for brands.”

This year Nicely Network aims to improve on it’s Q4 2022 holiday season sales performance, during which they generated more than $15 million in sales for brands

By driving traffic and sales for brands through SEO-focused content, Nicely Network continues to drive the spending decisions of millions of online shoppers in the US every year.

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Hey I'm Andy, founder and CEO of Nicely Network. Passionate about SEO and e-commerce, I launched Nicely Network in 2017 with the aim of connecting brands and online shoppers through organic news placements.

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