How It Works

We publish your brand content on established news websites

It’s pretty simple, really. We share news stories about your brand – such as product announcements, product reviews and sales events. These are published on top US news websites and rank organically at the top of Google search and Google News.

Our team can help write your brand stories, or you can provide us with your ready-made content. Last year, over 20 million online shoppers in the US read our news stories and we generated more than $30 million in sales for our partner brands.

SEO Optimized

Search engine optimization (SEO) lies at the heart of what we do. We’re the only agency focused on SEO for online sales, and as a result we consistently dominate the first page of Google search and Google News.

All our traffic is generated through SEO and organic search

Our team of SEO experts help identify target keywords relevant to your brand

We optimize your content to rank for your target keywords

We include links to your website in our content to build authority backlinks

News-worthy Content

We can help create news stories about your brand, including publishing a review about your product from one of our established consumer review sites. Or you can share your news with us and we’ll publish it for you.

Focus on engaging and positive stories about your brand

Written in an informative and professional tone

Provide your content or let our team generate and write brand stories for you

All our articles are fact-checked for accuracy

Seamlessly Linked

We build natural links into your content, driving traffic to your website and building authority backlinks for a long-term SEO boost.

Live tracking and performance attribution through affiliate network dashboards

Build your own links or sit back and let us generate them for you

Build backlinks to your website from high authority websites (DR 90+)

We analyze click-through rates to optimize your links for the highest conversion rates

Highly Targeted

We aggregate search data from all the biggest keyword databases, allowing us to identify and target the most valuable search terms for your customers.

Keyword data aggregated from Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, SEMrush & more

We target and rank for thousands of the most competitive high-value keywords in the US

We research the most valuable keywords for your brand and product category

Rank for your competitor’s most valuable keywords and dominate your industry


Working closely with Walmart to increase their share of online retail, we’ve generated over $24 million in sales for

– Working with Walmart since 2019

HP reached out to us when they saw our content ranking at the top of Google search for dozens of target keywords. We’ve since generated over $1.5 million in sales for HP.

– Working with HP since 2017

Our promotion of Cricut’s machines in our content generated $4 million in sales and 200,000 clickthroughs to

– Working with Cricut since 2019

During Q4 2022 we generated $400,000 in sales and 40,000 clickthroughs to by featuring their home audio equipment in our content.

– Working with Sonos since 2017