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Driving Black Friday sales through SEO

Our deals reviews rank at the top of Google organic search on Black Friday, guiding the spending decisions of 20 million online shoppers in the US every year.

The biggest news source for online sales events

It’s almost unfair how we dominate the first page of Google search results on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Over the past few years we’ve published more than 15,000 Black Friday deals reviews across major US news websites, generating $100 million in affiliate sales for our retail partners in Q4.

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SEO Focused

All our web traffic and clicks we send to retailer’s websites are generated through organic search.


Our deals team continually research, fact-check and update the deals we publish from our retailers.

Seamlessly Linked

We prepare and integrate links to retailer’s deals into our articles, requiring no external assistance.

Highly Targeted

Our team of SEO experts target the biggest and most valuable keywords, focused on buyer intent.


Working closely with Walmart to increase their share of online retail, we’ve generated over $24 million in sales for

– Working with Walmart since 2019

HP reached out to us when they saw our content ranking at the top of Google search for dozens of target keywords. We’ve since generated over $2 million in sales for HP.

– Working with HP since 2017

We partnered with Fortune 500 accounting firm Omega Accounting Solutions to generate $4 million in tax credit refunds, by referring clients looking to them.

– Working with Omega since 2023

During 2023 we generated $3 million in business for BottomLine Concepts, a cost reduction consulting company, by featuring their services in our content campaigns.

– Working with BottomLine Concepts since 2023


Generating $24 million in
sales for one retailer on Black Friday

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