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Our established network of news websites & distribution outlets provides information on the latest deals on consumer products and services during the biggest sales days of the year.

Each year we reach millions of engaged online shoppers in the US and guide their spending decisions.

Our FAQ contains more information about our distribution network and reach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about our content distribution and affiliate partnerships.
01 FAQ Where is your content published?

Our content is published across our network of established news websites and syndicated across top media publications.

02 FAQ How much traffic can you generate for our brand?

Our content network has a total potential audience of over 100 million people, due to the fact our deals articles are syndicated across some of the biggest news publishers in the US.


Last year during Black Friday our deals articles generated over 5 million direct link clicks to retailers from shoppers looking to make immediate purchases.


Whilst we often dominate Google organic search results for brand-specific Black Friday deals searches, we also rank highly for generic searches such as Black Friday camera deals and Black Friday laptop deals. So even if your brand doesn’t generate much direct search traffic, there is still potential for a high volume of traffic to be sent your way based on the type of product or service you are offering.

03 FAQ How much revenue can you generate for our brand?

We generated over $20 million in affiliate sales across our network of retailers and brands during Black Friday 2018.


This year’s Black Friday sale is anticipated to be the biggest ever and we look forward to working with a number of top brands and retailers to continue driving sales.

04 FAQ Where does your traffic come from?

All of our traffic is generated through search engine optimization (SEO). Our network of news websites consistently rank at the top of Google search results pages for thousands of keywords related to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other big online deals events.


All of our traffic is US based and we never use pay-per-click advertising (PPC) or bid on brand keywords.

05 FAQ Do you do any paid search (SEM, PPC) marketing?

No, we don’t use any paid search engine marketing strategies and will never bid on any keywords (branded on unbranded). We generate 100% of our traffic through search engine optimization (SEO), meaning we naturally rank at the top of search engines because Google identifies our content as being the most relevant and useful.

06 FAQ Are you an affiliate network?

No, we are not an affiliate network. We are content publishers that create and distribute content across our network of established and reputable news websites.

08 FAQ Which affiliate networks do you work with?

We work with all the top US based affiliate networks such as Impact, Rakuten Linkshare, CJ (Commission Junction) and Awin.


We also have special agreements in place with many top brands and retailers.

09 FAQ Why are you focused on Black Friday?

We take a traffic-based approach to our content. We research exactly what shoppers are looking for online and provide the content to help guide their spending decisions.


Based on search traffic data provided by Google, the vast majority of searches for deals on consumer products and services take place during the holiday shopping season (November and December). Therefore, we concentrate on these times of the year too.

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