Black Friday 2021: Generating $30 million in sales for our brands through SEO

A quick look at our performance over the 2021 holiday shopping season, including driving the spending decisions of 20 million online shoppers.

After search traffic on Google dipped during Black Friday 2020 due to the global pandemic, Q4 2021 saw Black Friday traffic picking up again. We expanded our reach significantly last year and generated $30 million in sales revenue for our brands, representing significant growth over our performance the previous year.

Google Trends data showing the search volume in the US over the past five years for all keyword searches containing the terms “black friday deals”. The latest spike on the graph shows the search volume for these terms over Black Friday 2021.

In total, we published 6,500 deals round-up articles through our network of news websites, which generated over 5 million clickthroughs to retailer’s websites.

We promoted deals from more than 250 different brands and retailers, generating 600,000 sales transactions for them during Black Friday. These include big box retailers and Fortune 500 brands all the way down to smaller independent brands and retailers.

One particular Fortune 500 company let us know that we were one of their top 10 biggest affiliate sales partners in the US during Q4 2021.

Our average conversion rate for traffic we sent through to retailer’s websites was 11.7%. So for every visit to a retailer’s website that we generated, more than one in every ten made a purchase on that retailer’s website. This is more than 4x the average conversion rate of an e-commerce website in the US ( and demonstrates the strong buying intent of our readers.

Our deals team researched and published deals from 35 different product categories – covering everything from consumer electronics and homeware through to VPNs and web hosting deals.

For a full breakdown of our performance in your particular product category, or to find out how we can help promote your brand over Black Friday, contact us today.

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Hey I'm Andy, founder and CEO of Nicely Network. Passionate about SEO and e-commerce, I launched Nicely Network in 2017 with the aim of connecting brands and online shoppers through organic news placements.