Our Team

A global network of writers, researchers & SEO experts

Our team are based in offices all around the world, allowing us to provide 24/7 coverage of the latest Black Friday deals.

We’re passionate about researching deals, writing great content and making sure our news stories appear right at the top of Google search.


Andy Mathews


Passionate about SEO and e-commerce, Andy founded Nicely Network in 2017 with the aim of connecting brands and shoppers during the biggest online sales events.

Having worked in SEO for over 10 years, Andy appreciates the technical and dynamic nature of the industry and enjoys the buzz of driving online sales to our brands.

Xander Barnes


Experienced in affiliate marketing and SEO, Xander is an expert in data analytics and is constantly finding new ways to optimize our content and expand our reach.

Xander is passionate about building lasting relationships with our content partners and brands, and enjoys exploring new opportunities for growth.

Mary Cooper


Mary is an expert in building relationships with retail brands and enjoys delivering performance results over-and-above their wildest expectations.

Experienced in the affiliate industry, Mary’s attitude and determination for growth help drive traffic and sales for brands across a wide range of product categories.

Derick Bondoc


Derick is a naturally gifted writer and editor. Overseeing our team of deals researchers and writers, he ensures all our content is fact-checked and up-to-date.

With vast experience writing and reviewing consumer products, Derick’s knowledge of Black Friday deals is second-to-none.


Each year we drive millions of shoppers to Amazon, generating over $40 million in shipped items revenue for Amazon.com.

– Working with Amazon Associates since 2016

HP reached out to us when they saw our content ranking at the top of Google search for dozens of consumer electronics keywords. We’ve since generated over $1 million in sales for HP.com since 2017.

– Working with HP since 2017

During Q4 2020 we generated over $2 million in revenue for Verizon Wireless, making us one of their top 10 biggest affiliate partners in the US.

– Working with Verizon since 2019

Working closely with Walmart to maximize their sales during the holiday shopping season, we’ve generated over $8 million in sales for Walmart.com since 2019.

– Working with Walmart since 2019

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